130115: Watch this unique swedish tv-documentary about Bertil and Ulrica. Filmed in 1966 and on SVT spring 1967. För formens skull.

090904:Some rewievs from exhibitions in US:

 Marx Saunders, 2005

 Heller Gallery, 2007

 Imago Gallery, 2009 (Artnews, june 2009)


090522: Slideshow sandcasted artglass, 2008. Click on the pic. Photo: Jonas Lindström.
040601: An early ceramic sculpture "Time Machine" is on sale by Robert Berman Gallery for 75 000 US$.
040402: Bertil Vallien´s "In transit" will be showed at Gävleborgs konstmuseem in Gävle, Sweden. May 8- September 12. More information: Länsmuseet Gävleborg